Day 1 – Ho Chi Minh City

Following what felt like the longest 12 hour flight, we finally landed in Ho Chi Minh city.

We went from the airport to where the bikes were stored so we could get the bikes set up with our pedals, adjust saddle height etc…

Sorting out the bikes

We then had about 5 hours to kill until we could check into the hotel. We headed to the hotel to leave our cases then headed out to the indoor market. A few of us didn’t stay long as it was busy and full on with traders trying to push their wares onto you so we headed back to towards the hotel and found a bar down a little side alley where we ordered food & beer. Stayed there for several hours chatting and getting to know some of my fellow trip buddies, then back to the hotel to check in and have a shower.

Pretty lanterns outside the bar
Beef spring rolls

Off to a local restaurant tonight for dinner & briefing.


  1. Kai Spiller

    Sending you the best! You’ll smash it! x

  2. Brenda and Toshi

    Following your progress. Good Luck!!

  3. We hope you have a great time Marissa. The bikes look they are in great condition. Hopefully you’ll have a fun time.
    All our love
    Paul and Andria xx

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